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Retirement Planning

How can we help you enjoy today’s lifestyle, tomorrow?

Retirement is sneaking up on all of us, but how do you ensure you retire with the comfort you desire?  How much will you need to retire?

It is a fallacy that in retirement you’ll spend less than when you work.  Not only are we now living longer than ever before  (and therefore we’ll have more years to fund) we tend to spend more in retirement than many plan for  (e.g. on holidays, entertainment, home/car and medical expenses).

The compulsory superannuation contributions made on your behalf by your business or employer is aimed at replacing the Age Pension. All it will achieve for those in their 20’s today is a lifestyle similar to that of today’s pensioners.  If you are in your 30’s and beyond and if you aspire to a life better than our pensioners do, we must plan a savings strategy in addition to the government-set minimum.

Let’s look at using your superfund in a way that optimises your outcomes.  Let’s manage your other investments using tax and succession rules to your advantage.  Let’s give you some peace-of-mind.

We have been using and refining our Retirement Gap Planning process for over 10 years so that each of our clients can be confident in the knowledge that they are on track for their retirement.

At John W Leggatt we’ll agree on a strategy that fits in with your expectations and aspirations.  So you can be free!  Free from worries.

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