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Protection for Families

Protect your family’s future

Family Risk Insurance is designed to ensure that your family are financially secure in the event of untimely death, critical illness or trauma, or incapacity to work.

We can provide peace-of-mind that you are financially secure by providing an ongoing income source, or a lump sum payment.  Family Risk Insurance protection can be arranged for:

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides you with peace-of-mind. Should you die or become terminally ill, your chosen benefit amount will be paid to your partner or family.

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

TPD insurance pays a lump sum if you become totally & permanently disabled due to sickness or injury and are unable to earn an income. It provides this at a time when you need it most, so that you not faced with the costs relating to disability in addition to all the normal household and family expenses and commitments without financial support.

Trauma Insurance (Critical Illness)

Trauma cover insurance is insurance against the occurrence of a specified major disease or injury, in which case a lump sum is paid. This helps you cover medical and rehabilitation costs, maintain your lifestyle. Some common examples which may be covered by trauma insurance are cancer, heart attacks, and stroke.

Income Protection / Salary Continuance Insurance

ncome Protection insurance pays a monthly benefit so that you can focus on your recovery and not have to worry about meeting your everyday commitments – like your mortgage or rent, groceries and utilities. We can tailor an income protection policy to suit your needs.

Which insurance is right for you?

The type of insurance that you require and the level you need is particular to your families circumstances.  We can help, by:

  • Understanding your needs and recommending the right type (and amount) of cover
  • Completing the application form with you
  • Liaising with the insurer during the underwriting process.
  • Taking the stress out of the claims process (we will personally handle your claim for you)
  • Providing Tax-effective strategies to help make your insurance more affordable for you and your family.

Please contact Nick Lindley to discuss your family’s needs without obligation on 07 3871 8178.