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Personal & Wealth Protection

As many of life’s turns are unexpected, the value of peace-of-mind should not be underestimated.  Yet protecting our most valuable assets can sometimes be overlooked.

You’ve probably taken out insurance for your car and home, but what about your income?

Know the Risks…

Many of life’s turns are unexpected, but here are some real facts that will help you understand some of the risks:

  • Every working Australian has a one in three chance of becoming disabled for more then 3 months before turning age 65
  • A stroke occurs every eleven minutes in Australia
  • One in three men and one in four women will be directly affected by cancer before the age of 75


…And Do something About Them

Our risk management team understand that every client has differing needs.

You will receive a complete analysis of your needs and a risk protection strategy that we know will put your mind at ease. (Speaking of peace of mind, we only recommend cover from the best providers in Australia, and then we’ll determine the absolute best fit for your needs and budget.)

We can also help by:

  •  Completing the application form with you
  • Liaising with the underwriter during the application process
  • Organizing medical checks to suit your busy lifestyle
  • Taking the stress out of the claims process (we will personally handle your claim for you)
Please feel welcome to contact Nick Lindley to discuss your personal protection requirements without obligation on 07 3871 8178.


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