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Overview of Business Advisory Services

Our Senior Consultants, whilst being qualified accountants with consulting experience, have also owned and operated their own businesses from start up to successful sale. We have experience in the market place, and our integrated firm approach will help ensure that you create wealth from our partnership.

The core areas where we can really make a difference in business include:

Management Assistance

Business should be both fun and profitable, and we look for this in our relationship with our clients. Maintaining a strong relationship allows us to see where a client’s business could benefit from our assistance. It is not a one size fits all solution, but a common thread is usually found over a range of client work which includes:

    • Cash Flow Management and Working Capital
    • Understanding what are the main Profit Drivers and setting in place practical steps to execute the agreed actions
    •  Investment decisions and funding options
    • Budgeting and Strategic planning


Business Sale and Acquisition

With the ageing of the baby Boomer population, we are seeing more and more businesses offered for sale, and this trend is set to continue for some years yet.

The distressing aspect to this dynamic, is that many of these businesses put to market, often after 15-20 years work are sold at discounted values because they are simply not ready for sale.

The second aspect, equally distressing, is that unless a truly professional Business Broker is retained, the business will often languish on some sale list or website for lengthy periods of time, and MAYBE then be sold at a significant discount.


We are an integrated practice in that our tax, wealth, and risk practices will report to the Relationship Manager or Consultant on a client’s affairs.

We can advise on the best structure for your business and investments that meets the aim of maximising your net wealth, and protecting your assets.

The structuring must involve be a holistic view of a clients affairs to be effective.

We have the internal expertise to advise on most matters, but where the advice is of a particularly complex nature, we have specialists we will call on for an opinion or advice on your behalf.

Non Executive Board Advisory

Sometimes, a client will want an arrangement where they can call on our services ad hoc, or we agree that they implement a formal monthly or quarterly board process whereby the business is formally reviewed.

In these instances, we agree a per meeting fee, or a monthly retainer that is inclusive of all time with the client. The client can find this a better way to access our advice without the need to watch the clock.  It works for us because we see the benefits in the client successfully working on their business.

Please feel welcome to contact Greg Tom, Head of Business Strategy to discuss your business without obligation on 07 3871 8178.