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  • Increase Your Business’ Profits

  • Plan your Growth Strategy… and find the best way to finance it

  • Take Action to Sell your Business


Many business owners often occupy a lonely place in terms of support structures to run and grow what is to most, their biggest asset and source of income.

They’re the ones putting in the long hours - working out how to grow the business, how to pay less tax and how to improve their cash flow.    They’re the ones asking their accountants questions like:

  • What is my break-even point?
  •  If I have made a profit, then where is the csh?
  • What’s the one action I can take to improve my business?
  •  How will I be able to sell my business for a high price?

And unfortunately, often the accountant can’t answer questions like these.  But through our unique approach, we can.

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If you would like to discuss your business without obligation, please contact Greg Tom, head of Business Management Assistance on 07 3871 8178.